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A Tale of Two Weddings

I have two nephews who got married one year after the other.  When my nephew, David, was going to marry his lovely bride, Brooke, I wanted to lose weight for the wedding.  I set a goal I thought was attainable and worked to meet it.  I was 235 pounds, and my goal was to be under 200 pounds within […]

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Featured Recipe This Month

Mango and Chicken Sauté with Toasted Cashews  (serves 2) To have moist chicken, poach a chicken breast before starting to prepare the other ingredients.  I use a skin off, no bone in chicken breast. Ingredients for poaching the chicken:                      1 lemon – cut in half 1 onion – cut in half – quarter it if […]

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Paleo Recipe Book

With These Recipes In Your Hands, You Can Achieve The Best Health Of Your Life, Be In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Experience More Energy Than Ever Before . . . Let Me Show You How . . .

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