About Us

Most everything changes when you are diagnosed with something that requires diet restrictions.  Here I was told, “No sugar, no flour, no yeast.”  I thought, “No Way!  What’s left to eat!”  The Internet became my best friend as I sought infomation from articles, recipes that I could use, and books to help me transition to this healthier lifesytle.  Also, I started watching cooking shows and downloading recipes that were free of those ingredients.  I was told I’d lose weight, but I was skeptical.  However, I have lost 70 pounds so far (from October to June).  Without a doubt, giving up sugar was the hardest of the three to do.  It took three weeks of concentrated effort to give up my beloved Coca-cola.  I waved goodbye to the cupcake bakery I had just discovered that has all the flavor you would want in a variety of scrumtious combinations.  What I needed now was information.  Why was it so hard to give up sugar?  Then later, why did I feel so much better staying away from sugar?  Ymm, there might be something to this.  I started this blog to write about sugar and diet.  Where it took me time to uncover these things, I’d like to share them with anyone who is interested in this connection.  My journey has lead me here.

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