Sugar-free Store Bought Snacks…Hmm Good!

In the name of science, I took it upon myself to sample sugar-free snacks.  The truth is that I needed to find snacks to meet my new guidelines of no sugar.  I was in search of something that tasted good and was good for me.  How hard could that be?

I found some of the new snacks in the gluten-free area of the store.  At first I looked only at the sugar part of the ingredients.  That turned out to be only the beginning.  I realized I needed to look at the fat grams, too.  The biggest surprise in reading the labels carefully came when I found sugar in potato chips.  Really folks, potato chips?

I got into reading the labels.  Once I look at the sugar content and see zero sugar grams, then I look at the fat grams.  I’ve added the serving size to look at.  I was fooled into thinking something was a lower fat content only to realize the serving size was smaller.  When I checked the comperable serving size, it was the same fat content.  Look at all three.

Here’s what I found that had no sugar and tasted good!

Sea Salt Humbles Baked Hummus Chips (3 grams – fat)

Made by Good Health Natural Foods

Sea Salt – Lesser Evil Krinkle Sticks (also…Veggie… Sour Cream

       & Onion)     (4.5 grams – fat) no gluten ingredients used

Distributed by Lesserevil Brand Snack Co.

Flotilla TotillasWhole Grain White Corn  (6 grams – fat)  pareve

Distributed by Five Point Snacks (Every purchase supports

U.S. Veterans)

Flamous Falafel Chips – (6 grams – fat)  Gluten Free

Made by Flamous Brands

Simply Beyond Black Bean Tortilla Chips (6 grams fat) gluten free

Made in the USA for :Way Better Snacks

Sea Salt Rice Chips (6 grams – fat)  Gluten Free-Certified Organic

Distributed by Lundberg Family Farms


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One Response to “Sugar-free Store Bought Snacks…Hmm Good!”

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