A Little Success…A Whole Lot of Motivation…to Eliminate Sugar

The Christmas season did me in!  I thought I could eat a few of the cookies, chocolates, and pastries, and it wouldn’t put weight on me or harm my health.  Tis the season, right?  Wrong!  I gained thirty pounds with this thinking.  To be fair, it wasn’t just the holiday season, it was also time spent with a house renovation when I couldn’t use my kitchen.  Also, it seemed that I was so busy with everything that I didn’t take the time to eat right.  Boy, did I learn a lesson the hard way.

Whatever the reasons, I now found myself eating sugar, craving sugar, and knowing better.  I had to have one of those talks with myself.  You know how it goes.  “Self, you know better than this.  You know you can’t keep candy in the house, even if you say it’s for guests.  You know you have to watch what you eat even when you’re busy, busy, busy.  Today, you’re going stop this nonsense and do the right thing for your health.”  Oh, yeah.  Me, myself, and I had a long talk on charting my course back to healthier eating without sugar.

Since that time, I’ve lost ten pounds and feel better.  I want to lose twenty more, and my attitude is that I can do it, and quickly.  The funny thing was that the little success I had at returning to eliminating sugar from my diet resulted in lost weight, better fitting clothes, and greater motivation.  Yeah!!!

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