Sugar, Sugar Everywhere…

There is a “sugar” information explosion.   Sugar is in the news.  It is the news.  It’s on television as you hear of how much we’re eating.  Too much!  You see articles in newspapers and magazines illustrating the relationship between sugar and health.  Advocates talk about reducing or eliminating that sweet delight.  Why?  There must be a reason.  In fact, there are many reasons as I have come to find out.  A book I’m reading now has a good argument for limiting or bypassing sugar.  It’s called Suicide by Sugar – A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction by Nancy Appleton, PhD.  As I started to read her story, I felt that she had written my story.  She discovered that sugar was making her ill.  Once she changed her diet, she was feeling better…enough to write her book and sharing what she learned with others.  Meanwhile, as I’m reading it, I can’t help but pause when I came to the chapter describing how sugar is ruining your health.  The number one reason hit me between my eyes.  “Sugar can suppress your immune system.” (p. 13) Here I thought that I had a poor immune system and got every little bug that came into town.  Now I saw a relationship between what I was eating and what I was feeling. WOW!  My eyes opened on that one. As I am continuing on my sugar free lifestyle, I feel much better and if I do catch a bug, I throw it back easier.  Dr. Appleton talks about the body being in “homeostasis” a fancy word for your body being “in balance.”  When you eat too much sugar, your body goes out of balance and bad things happen.  So, to complete the phrase in the title…sugar, sugar everywhere…but not an ounce should you eat.  It’s rare for people to eat zero sugar, but lowering the amount is better for your health.


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